Hi! My name is Ana Paula and I am a destination wedding photographer based in Germany.

Some years ago I used to be a person that looked for security. I lived in Belo Horizonte (Brazil) and having just graduated from Computer Science, I was working regular hours in front of a computer. But I wanted something more… I needed to go out, to get deeper experiences and connect with people. I wanted them to be filled with joy and emotion because of something that I could give them….

Then, one day a friend told me I could be a photographer. My first thought was: ‘What? Is it possible to work with wedding photography FOR REAL?’. After a while working on the idea, I decided to leave my job. Was it easy? Not really… But being surrounded by love, happiness and beautiful stories made it worth every step of the way.

Six years later, I have met thousands of people and told hundreds of stories. I’ve had the pleasure of connecting with incredible couples and families, and I’ve learned valuable things with them. I could cry and laugh together with some of the most beautiful people of this world. And I could feel the satisfaction of presenting them with something priceless: having their story told and eternized in great wedding and family photos. And after working with something that I never thought it was possible before, I can say that it was worthy to follow my dreams! With several awards given by important photography associations such as Fearless e WPJA, and being listed by WPSociety between the best wedding photographers of the world, I can open a big smile and say: I DID IT!

And what is better is that in this way I received a very important gift: freedom. I could travel to amazing places and try different and great food. I could feel the ocean as a scuba diver and the sky as a skydiver. I could go down a mountain as a snowboarder without falling (for those who were born in a country without snow you know how hard this is!). I started learning how to paint aquarell and how to do lettering. I went from the Brazilian summer to the European winter. And in one of these adventures, I met someone that made my heart beat faster. That brought me back to the love of God… and ended bringing me to the other side of the ocean to touch new couples with my Brazilian way of photographing. And here, in Germany, a new adventure begins!

Are you ready to be part of that? Then click here and let’s meet 🙂


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Best wedding photographers of the world - Fearless Best wedding photographers of the world - WPJA

Best wedding photographers of the world - WPSociety Best wedding photographers of the world - Inspiration Awards

Best wedding photographers of the world - Inspiration Awards Best wedding photographers of the world - WPSociety 2015