About being a wedding photographer

International award winning photographer based in Germany

My name is Ana Paula and I am a destination wedding photographer based in Germany. And I love to tell stories with real, spontaneous and creative pictures.

But I didn’t always work with wedding photography. 8 years ago you would find me in an office, in a “normal” job. Little did I know, that soon the opportunity of telling amazing stories would become my dream job. Today you can find me traveling around the world, meeting wonderful people and sharing unique moments. (You can also find me eating most of the time, but this is something else :p ). With several awards given by international photography associations such as Fearless, WPJA and Masters of Germany, and being listed by WPSociety between the best wedding photographers of the world, I can say that dreams can become reality!

“It’s delightful when your imaginations come true, isn’t it?” 

L.M. Montgomery, Anne of Green Gables

But nothing compares to eternalizing little glimpses of moments filled with overwhelming joy. Hugging someone right before their wedding ceremony and sharing the mix of peace and excitement. Dancing together with wedding guests until they forget you have a camera in your hands. Making photos that make people wordless… and allowing them to live their happiest moments over and over again. If I can help you feel that way… then I’ll consider my job done.



About being Ana Paula 

Christian, dog lover, series addict & creative soul

I am obsessed with dogs and I have the two cutest-crazy-about-people-little-balls! Sometimes I have no filter and I just do everything: skydiving, sewing, painting aquarelle, snowboarding, watching Netflix series, scuba diving, traveling…

I also enjoy simple things of the everyday life. Making songs out of nowhere. Seeing a baby smile. Exploring the nature. Hugging random people when I’m happy. Tickling someone until they want to pee in their pants (but smartly stopping before). Eating. Actually, if you want to make me happy give me food. If you want to make me super happy give me something with shrimps (:

The fact is that, when there is space for the imagination and for joyful experiences, I will love it! In one of my little adventures, I met someone that made my heart beat faster. That brought me back to the love of God… and ended bringing me to the other side of the ocean to touch new couples with my Brazilian way of photographing. And here, in Germany, a new adventure began!

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