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Destination wedding photographer & photojournalist



I believe that a great photography can make visible what is essentially invisible to the eye… and that is my goal: to give people the priceless gift of FEELING their wedding photos instead of just SEEING them.

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Beautiful wedding photos


I love the imperfections, the details, the unpredictable. I am amazed by the true beauty… Beauty that sometimes is made of smiles but could also be made of little wrinkles that comes with them.  Beauty that appears with tears and overwhelming emotions. Beauty found in moments when no words can express all the feeling that grow inside us… In the hair that is flying and covering your whole face while you feel the wind, or in that little imperfections that show you are made for real.

With the heart in my hands, the camera is more than an instrument: it makes possible to see what sometimes is not seen by our eyes, that can make it clear the biggest gift from God: love! I believe it is possible to find it in what I do and that’s how my photography is made.

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Working to be part of the best photographers in the world

Wedding photojournalism

Each moment of your big day is special… But with all emotions involved, it is hard to make sure that you see and are part of everything! That is why I try to be always aware to details and to everything that make your story unique, making it possible that you revive every feeling through the wedding photos!

Posed portraits, why not? 

At a first glance, most people would say that they are looking for natural and spontaneous portraits. Of course that these are my favorite kind of photos, but posed portraits also have their place. After all, all the brides want to see themselves beautiful and wish to have enough time to observe the little details. Furthermore, posed portraits don’t need to look unnatural, there’s always space to show who you really are…

Creative wedding pictures

With a lot of study about the best way to use the photo equipment, it is possible to make photos that tell your story in a creative and artistic way. That way, spontaneous photos that are full of meaning can became even more special, with a beauty touch that transform them in something amazing!


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