After checking out so many vendors websites you just want to be practical and check that item from your list. So you might think there’s a lot to read down here. But trust me, this is one of the most important advises you’ll get.

You probably listened a lot of times that “photos are the only thing that stays after the wedding”. But did you ever stop to think what that really means? After days, months or even years of planning, the big day arrives. And in the blink of an eye, it’s gone. As most of the other beautiful moments of our lives, it seems to last only a couple of seconds. Right now you might not realize, because you are worried about the decoration, the guest list and all the other things (I know, there are so many things to decide!). But the photos of your big day will be responsible for remembering all of these details. It will be responsible for the memories your kids and grandkids will create when they listen and see the details of your story in a couple of years. Most of all, it will be responsible for helping you remember how you felt. We will all get old. A lot of memories will get lost… and the wedding photography is the only thing capable of eternizing everything that you lived.

That’s why I want to be more then your photographer, I want to be you friend. With a lot years as a wedding photographer I learned that to tell a story, you have to live it. So I want to be part of yours. To listen to the details and know what matters. To be close to you and understand what are your dreams and fears. To be able to create true memories together! Cause I believe the only way of telling a real story is to be able to photograph what we feel and not only what we see

So if you are looking for a photograph that will focus in making only those posed photos and then will be gone, maybe we are not the best fit. If you are just looking around for wedding photographer prices trying to find out the cheapest deal, probably what I want to offer might not have much value for you… And it’s ok, cause in the end it’s about what it’s important to you! But if you want something more, let’s do this together…

It’s time to tell your story (:

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