Although I was not able to be the wedding photographer for the big day of this really nice couple, I was lucky enough to participate a little bit in their story, photographing them in the beautiful mountains of Minas Gerais (Brazil). In the middle of November the chances of rain were high, but we didn’t have a lot of options since soon I was moving to Germany. When the day finally came we were really happy to wake up with an incredibly blue sky! And then we made a short trip until we could reach this amazing shooting location, which is a great inspiration for the couples that like the idea of having the after-wedding shooting in the mountains or in the alps.

After a lot of sun, the sky started to get dark and the rain showed up… But I have to say that I really like rain and that in this day it was even more special! The rain also brought us a beautiful rainbow (that unfortunately went away before we could take any pictures) and an more incredible landscape…

In the end, we could get these really special after wedding pictures ♥

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