Hi there! My name is Ana and I am a destination wedding photographer. Born in Brazil, I ended up in Germany… because of love :) After traveling back and forth a couple of times, and photographing amazing weddings around the world, I realized that working as a destination wedding photographer was the best job I could dream of!

Let’s dream together!

Photographing a wedding is already an incredible experience. When you add to that a stunning location, having only the closest people around and a celebration that might last days…it’s even more magical! So, whether you are planning a big destination wedding with your loved ones for a whole week or an adventurous elopement for just the two of you, I’d love to join you in that dream!

Destination Wedding Photographer

I know there is something very special in getting married abroad. It gives you so many possibilities… snowy mountains, fairy tale castles, exclusive hotels or exotic beaches. You can go wherever your imagination leads and create something completely unique. That is why it is so important to invest in your destination wedding photographer: you want to make all last forever! Beyond everything, the photos of your wedding day will be allow you to experience the deepest feelings and breath-taking sceneries over and over again.

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I might still help you :) Just keep reading.


Planning a destination wedding can be a little bit overwhelming. I know it, I did it myself! There are all the things that you usually have to take care when you are getting married, but with the detail that most of them is in a different location from where you live. Sometimes this means dealing with a different language and a different culture, so there might be some extra work for you.

That’s why I want to make you life easier when you are looking for a destination wedding photographer. First we will talk about your dreams and then we will discuss about how to make them possible :) I’ll give you tips about destination wedding photography, the best time to get married, how to make your wedding venue the perfect location for pictures, which colors of flowers or accessoires fit best, and a lot of other details that make a big difference. I want to be there for you, and help you in everything that I can!

For now, I will give you a powerful tip: it’s essential to hire a wedding photographer that have experience with traveling and photographing abroad and knows how to deal with the specifics of a destination wedding. Because I have 8+ years of experience photographing all kinds of weddings, I will be happy to guide you in the way.


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Why care about your destination wedding photographer

I have seen and heard of so many brides crying when they received their wedding photos… Some of them were crying of joy, which is really amazing! But, unfortunately, some of these tears were of anger, disappointment and sadness. And they could be avoided. So before you even start thinking about hiring your wedding photographer, think about what photography means to you. Think about how you will feel one day, one year or fifty years after your big day. What will you have left? What will touch you deep inside and allow you to breath slowly and smile like you were back to those moments again? Sometimes we are so overwhelmed with all the possibilities related to planning a wedding that the most important things can be left by side. So trust me when I tell you this: take your time to research all your options and find the very best wedding photographer that you can afford with your budget, even if it means giving up a little bit in other areas. Prioritize. What is more valuable for you?


After thinking about those questions and defining you priorities, you might begin to wonder where to start looking for your destination wedding photographer. Should you hire someone from the location of the wedding or from somewhere else? My honest opinion is that it doesn't matter, as long as you hire someone that you are completely in love with the photos and with whom you can build a deep connection.


Most of the time, photographers included in wedding packages (together with location, decoration, wedding planner, etc.) aren't worth it. They will most likely not invest enough energy to know what is really important for you or try to learn what is unique in your story. So it might be a good option to extend you search beyond where your wedding is taking place, until you find someone that you can truly identify yourself with.


Connecting with you before photographing is one of the main things that will allow me to take photos that are full of meaning! That's why I enjoy so much to spend time getting to know you, to understand your story, individual characteristics and your expectations for the big day.


The fact that I am located in Germany is a very big plus, since from here I can easily go to any place in Europe and it is usually cheap :) And if planned with some time ahead, it is also possible to find non-expensive flights everywhere. Just to talk about it makes me really excited about the possibilities. That’s why I want to share with you a couple of important information related to booking me as your wedding photographer.



How much does it cost?

The travel and accommodation expenses will be added to the value of your chosen wedding photography package. This includes flights, baggage fees, hotel and rental car (when needed). Because I am really committed to support my clients and make whatever I can to make their life easier, I give up to 20% of discount in the wedding package prices to help with the extra costs of destination weddings outside of Germany. If you are interested in knowing more about how much it costs to have me as your destination wedding photographer, write a message so you can learn more about the values and discounts.


What is included?

As all the weddings that I photograph, you can choose to book packages with different amount of hours, which will also affect the number of photos delivered. From full-day coverage to an elopement that lasts a couple of hours, there will always be something to fit what you are looking for. If you like the idea to use this moment to have a gorgeous after wedding shooting, I would love to do it! Sometimes it is also possible to do a couple shooting before the wedding. After all, we want to have the wedding location registered in all possible ways, right?


How many days do you stay?

I usually stay in the location for 2 or 4 days, if the wedding takes place outside of Germany. This gives me enough time to meet your friends and family, share a couple of beers and, if you want, have a gorgeous couple shooting in the day after you destination wedding :)


How will we know that you are a good fit for us?

As most of the vendors of a destination wedding, when you hire your photographer, you might not have the opportunity to meet them in person. But fear not! This doesn’t mean we cannot meet and talk about your expectations and dreams for the big day. Actually, I strongly believe this is one of the most important steps before hiring your destination wedding photographer. So if you like my photos, let me know and we will find a day for us to get to know each other better!


Will you help us plan the wedding?

Although I know a little bit here and there about how to plan a destination wedding and the best locations to get married, I am not a destination wedding planner. So I can give you some tips related to your big day, but I strongly recommend you to hire a specialist. If you are not sure where to start, I have some good recommendations :)

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I am very flexible regarding possibilities: my goal is to create for you a destination wedding photography package that fits your needs and dreams! Are you curious to know more details? So let’s create something amazing together :)

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