As a wedding photographer, I am often asked what kind of equipment I use or recommend. Sometimes people are looking for cameras, sometimes they are looking for accessories… And one of the most common accessory people look for is a tripod. After all (unfortunately) we can’t have a photographer to follow us around the whole time. So a good tripod comes very handy when traveling or making self-portraits that don’t all look like selfies :) It also allows you to play with long-exposure shots, make night pictures and get very creative with light. No matter if you are a professional photographer or someone that just started with photography, getting a tripod will open your eyes to a new world!

So today I will do a review of one of the best tripods you can get if you are ready to take the next step. Choosing a good tripod can mean a lot of things, and will depend on what kind of photography you shoot. But no matter what is your main goal, there are a few things that you should care for:

  • Being light enough to carry around
  • Having a secure and stable support for your camera (or whatever you want to use it with)
  • Easy to put together and pack again, for more agility and flexibility in different environments
  • Be able to connect easily and flexible when it comes to angles adjustments

And after checking for those main points, we usually find out that we can spend up to $1,500 for a top-of-the-range tripod. But it doesn’t have to be so :) You can find amazing options for much cheaper prices. And one of my favorites is the Ken Faith SA255C1.

High quality carbon fiber makes it lightweight and very portable! So it is super easy to carry around during weddings, trips, or hiking. Since I started photographing in Germany, I don’t have someone to help me carry all the stuff around at weddings anymore. And I started to enjoy nature much more (also while photographing)! But although I really like climbing mountains, I am not the fittest person on earth hihi… So having lightweight equipment is a must for me, in any situation. And this tripod makes life much easier!

Another important point is to have a tripod that can be easily connected to the camera. The Ken Faith tripod has a 1/4-inch quick-release screw that allows it to be connected in a very easy way. It took me just a few seconds to get it ready to shoot!

Smartly design with clever engineering, the tripod legs can be easily adjustable to different angles, which is very useful when photographing in nature. We can have our camera stabilized in different inclinations, and not be scared that it will fall at any moment :) We definitely don’t want any accidents! Also, it has this little green level thing that helps to check if you are shooting really straight. I find it personally very useful, especially when shooting landscapes.

And now to my favorite part: the ball head can be rotated 360°! If you ever photographed a wedding you know how stressful things can be. Things happen very fast, and you need to react just as fast if you want to get the best shot of the important moments. The possibility of attaching your Speedlight to it, and quickly adjusting the direction makes everything easier. But it is not only useful at weddings of course… For any kind of photography, you can save a lot of time with the flexibility acquired with the ball head. So one very important tip: don’t even consider buying a tripod without it if you want to save A LOT of time :) 

After so many good points, it’s getting harder to resist right? So just go ahead and buy it! :) I will give you a little help. You can use any of the following code to get a good discount.

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