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Wedding Photographer in Stuttgart

Wedding Photographer in Stuttgart, Ludwigsburg and surroundings

Hi there! My name is Ana and I am wedding photographer in Stuttgart. I’m born in Brazil, but ended up in Germany… because of love! After traveling around for a while, and experiencing the life as a destination wedding photographer, my heart decided that here was where I was meant to be.

Photographing weddings in places like Stuttgart, Ludwigsburg, Frankfurt, Munich and surroundings, gave me a new perspective. Small weddings, forests elopements, fairy tale castles, mountains covered with snow, historical buildings or cristal clear lakes. This might sound all “normal” for you, but I can’t stop getting amazed by every detail of being a wedding photographer around Germany… With this new perspective, I bring an unique way of expressing emotions through photography :) This will make you big day even more special!


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Are you searching for a wedding photographer in Stuttgart?

“A thing that you see in my pictures is that I was not afraid to fall in love with these people.”

— Annie Leibovitz


I will be honest: it would be super boring to be a wedding photographer in Stuttgart (or anywhere else) if all the photos I made looked the same. Playing with light, reflections and geometry are something that I love to do. And this is what will make your wedding photos stand out of the traditional photos!

After all, everyone can buy a good camera and call themselves photographers… But it’s not what we use, but how we use it!



Don't worry! Most people are not used to have a camera pointed to them and act like models. It is part of my job to make you comfortable :)


I want you to enjoy looking to your photos and remembering what you felt. After all, how many moments would be lost in time if it wasn't for a photo?

Are you curious to know more? Just write me telling me a little bit about you and your dreams! I can't wait to hear it :)


I know, this is one of the first questions that come to mind when you are planning your wedding: how much does it cost to hire a photographer in Stuttgart? Well, it depends. You can find photographers charging from 1.000 to 10.000 euros. Seems like a big difference for you? For me too!

That is because every wedding photographer will offer something different. From the experience or number of hours booked to how much love is put into the work, every detail can bring more value to it. So it is very important to analyse how much the photos of your big day means to you. I know some people that will love to have photos taken by their friends, even if they are not professionals. And this will be perfect for them! Others will rather pay more, to have a high quality artistic and emotional perspective. One that only a professional could bring. Which kind of person are you?

For me, it means a lot to photograph people that truly care for their wedding photos. That is why, if you value photography, I will do my best to find the package that fits your needs! Just write me bellow and let’s start dreaming :)

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Every couple has an unique story. Their own dreams. The little details that make them who they are. That is why I want to know you! I want us to dream together, and to create photos that you make you say WOW! That will make you see yourselves, and know that every photo could represent no one else, but you.

Even if I am a wedding photographer based in Stuttgart and you are located somewhere else, I want to truly connect. Exchanging thousand emails, drinking wine together in video calls or driving somewhere to have a coffee if we feel like it.

I want to know you and be around...

wedding photographer Stuttgart and Ludwigsburg

... to be as a close friend, celebrate the little things and share your emotions!


wedding photographer in Stuttgart


“Working with her is like working with your really smart and talented friend. She has an eye for photography and makes the most amazing pictures! The photos from that day are one of our most prized and treasured memories from the day.”

wedding photographer in Stuttgart


“I would recommend Ana without thinking twice: I was expecting a lot from her work, and yet she surprised me! She registered the most special moments in the most beautiful way… It sure was the best investment of my wedding! The quality of the photos, the ability to photograph all the important moments, the spontaneity of the pictures. They were made in a way that, when I look at them, I can see exactly how the day was!”

wedding photographer in Stuttgart


“Ana is like a silent genius behind the scenes. Not only she has the talent to make gorgeous and breathtaking photos but she also gives you a massiv sense of security in any aspects during her stay. I loved having her around! Never though I can become friends with someone so quickly :)”

wedding photographer in Stuttgart


“Ana photographs with passion and love. She will make sure you will always remember the emotions and the love you felt during your wedding. That’s exactly how we feel while looking at our wedding photos. She is the best! We can’t stop looking at the little moments of the emotion of people caught on the photos!”

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