Castles, churches and little villas. Forests, rivers, alps and the North Sea beaches. Over 2 million years of story. A lot of beer. The famous autobahns. And this is just an overview of all the incredible reasons that should make you think about having a destination wedding in Germany. Although the country doesn’t usually pop up as the first option for most of the people, it is definitely a great choice for those searching for an amazing place to get married or to elope.

5 Reasons to Have a Destination Wedding in Germany


It’s no secret that germans drink, eat and breath bear. In the past years, they have been listed between the top 5 countries in the world regarding the consumption of beer per capita. It’s not so hard to understand why: there are more than 1.300 breweries and 5.000 different brew brands to be chosen from. Also, the special beer laws that dictate that only water, barley and hops may be used, guarantee a really good quality for this delicious drink. For the beer lovers, this is paradise! Just think about all the different high-quality beers you can offer in your wedding…


Did you ever wonder where Walt Disney got some of his inspiration from? When you see the amazing Neuschwanstein in Bavaria you’ll understand why a lot of people say that there is where the Sleeping Beauty castle idea started to take form. And this is only one of the many beautiful constructions you can find around Germany. The rich story and culture is present in medieval towns and sceneries that inspired a lot os stories around the globe. The Baroque churches and the impressive fortresses make the landscape of Renaissance and Romanesque castles and palaces even more spectacular. If you dream about a castle wedding, Germany is the right place to do it. There are more than 25.000 castles in Germany, and most of them are used as restaurants or hotels today, which make it even easier to place the wedding celebration. It is definitely a dream come true!


Germany is well known for its long tradition in classical music, from Bach to Wagner. Being home for 74 symphony orchestras and 55 operas house (more than Britain and France together) there’s no other place that dancing the waltz would make more sense. Even though in the last years a lot of couples are choosing to prepare something more modern for the dance moment, some will find that the classical waltz has its charm. For those, Germany would be the perfect place! Where else can you get so inspired?


One word: autobahn. Can you imagine using the wedding car to have the experience of driving in a speed-limit-free road? To make this even more special, we are talking about the country of the BMW, Porsche and Mercedes. And if you are more into clean energy and electric cars you can try a Tesla… I did this in my own wedding and I have to say that it made the something simple like having a wedding car into an awesome experience!


It is really fascinating how many different and beautiful landscapes you can find around Germany. Let’s start with the alluring landscapes of the black forest. Often associated with the Brothers Grimm fairy tales, it’s surrounded by Gothic Buildings and vineyards. It’s hard to imagine a most beautiful combination. If you are more inclined to be an ocean person, the country has hundreds of miles of beaches in the north. In the UNESCO World Heirtage Waden Sea, you can find great options of resorts to get married (that also includes fantastic cuisine). And last, if you love the idea of being surrounded by mountains, you will be amazed by the greatness of the Bavarian alps. How great it would be to get married in front of Zugspitze, the highest mountain of the region, covered with snow on top? I know. There are so many things to be obsessed over that it’s hard to choose your favorite, right?


Now you know why I truly believe that having a destination wedding in Germany (or even eloping there) is one of the best options to celebrate the big day! If you like the idea then it’s time to start looking for a your wedding photographer in Germany to register all these gorgeous moments… So just contact me here and let’s talk about how I can tell your story :)

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