There are dozens of reasons to consider a destination wedding, from the possibility of having your celebration in the location of your dreams to making your big day last longer. You can opt to elope, to invite only the closest friends and family, or to have a bigger reunion. There are no limits for your creativity and everything you want to have. With infinite options, it’s not a surprise that destination weddings have become more popular every year. Our generation is passionate about traveling and is always looking for something unique and different. Of course the wedding day wouldn’t be outside of this passion, right?

Still, I could say that destination weddings aren’t for everybody. But if you are a couple who believe that your wedding day should be about spending an unforgettable time with your really loved ones, making dreams come true and creating something authentic, you are on the right track. And I want to share 6 reasons why you should go for it.

1. Have a wedding that lasts longer

It’s no secret that everyone that gets married wants the big day to last longer. You spend months (sometimes even more than a year) planning all the details, and then, in the blink of an eye, you get to the end of your magical day. We all wish we had a couple more hours… And this can be true! When you have a destination wedding, you usually arrive a few days earlier and stay a couple of days after the big day. This also applies to the guests, that are used to spend minimum 3-4 days at the location. This means that you can celebrate all together much longer! You are able to have quality time with each special person that comes to your wedding, and also with your spouse. And let’s be honest, how often can you be in an incredible place with family and closest friends all together? This is your chance to have one of the best time of your life!

2. Save money

When we talk about destination weddings, usually people think that it is not an option because it is too expensive. But the truth is that, it can be less expensive than hosting a traditional wedding in your hometown. First of all, the guest list is usually smaller than a normal wedding. When you plan a destination wedding you are free of that social obligation that requires you to invite some acquaintances to your big day, so you can focus in the really important people you want to have by your side.

The average Brazilian cost for wedding and US wedding costs are around $35.000. In the meantime European people spend around €7.000 in a wedding. Isn’t it completely crazy? Of course it is also because they have much smaller and simpler weddings. But even if we compare with big and sophisticated weddings there is a huge difference. I would never think I could save money before planning my own wedding in Germany. We had a big wedding (around 120 guests) in a gorgeous castle, that lasted almost 14 hours and we spent no more than €15.000. So, it’s a fact: destination wedding can be a way of saving money.

3. Location, location, location

A beautiful location is probably the main reason that comes to your mind when you think about having a destination wedding. You can say ‘I do’ in any place you dream of! It is incredible (and a little bit overwhelming) to have so many options to celebrate your wedding. You can choose to get married in the long and winding coast of the Amalfi Coast or in the rolling hills and rustic villas of the enchanting Tuscan countryside in Italy. Santorini’s post card sunning views might be a great inspiration, or perhaps Paris, the city of love. Maybe you dream about having a snowy mountain-peak celebration in the Austrian Alps or a romantic experience in a Germany castle.

Anything is possible, from an exotic paradise or a big-city rooftop. You just have to think about a place that inspires you, and reflect your personality or story together.  It’s completely up to you!

4. Cut your guest list in half

In Brazil the average number of guests is 250 and in USA it is 140. Can you guess the number for a destination wedding?  Around 45. Planning a wedding in a different location allow you to filter out those colleagues that you would probably have to invite if you got married in your hometown. Destination weddings are usually more intimate, which means that only the really close loved ones will be invited. This might lead you to ask yourself if these people would travel for your big event. And the fact is that those who matter most will make every effort they can to show up. Not only because they love you and feel honored by the invitation, but also because it is a great opportunity to travel and enjoy a new place.

And finally, you can make the wedding about you two. Having a destination wedding, makes it possible that the pressure for inviting parent’s friends and not so close family members to be left behind, and you are completely free to decide who you want to have with you in your big day.

5. Be free to create

With so many information that we find on social media, we usually have one thousand ideas of things we want to have for our wedding. We also get tired of these ideas much faster, because we see them soooo often, and we want to have something authentic and different. Having a destination wedding is great for both things.

You you be able to create anything that fits to your dreams, and you will have access to different things that you might not have in your home town. You can get married bare feet, break dishes, or order different and crazy drinks that are traditionally from that place. You can customize as much you want! The Mintel U.S. wedding report found that 58% of the couples want their wedding to be remembered as fun and casual, instead of a formal and traditional event. Can you imagine any better choice than destination wedding for those couples that are looking for something unique?

6. Amazing wedding photos

Let’s face it, everything that was written so far, would be a little bit less important if you didn’t have pictures to remember and share this amazing moment of your life. One of the biggest reasons for having a destination wedding, is to have beautiful wedding photographs! To experience again the days of intense joy and love that you shared with your closest family and friends, in one of the most important moments of your life.

So it is super important to find a destination wedding photographer that will understand how much effort you put to plan it, and all the little details that matter to you. Someone that will treat this day as it deserves to be treated, and register everything with love: the emotions, the connections, the reality, the stunning place you chose together. Someone that is capable of making pictures that will make you cry and laugh at the same time, and feel everything again. And again.

And I would love to be this person! If you are thinking about having a destination wedding, send me a message and let’s talk about everything that matters to you. So we can dream and create together… it’s time to tell your story!

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