This year I had the chance to photograph an incredible arabic wedding in Brazil. It was not the first time that I registered the encounter of two cultures, but it was definitely something big in my life! Being a photographer of people, I have the pleasure of experiencing with my couples the various feelings that comes before the big day: happiness, anxiety, the wish of sharing moments and taking care of everything…. But in a wedding that mix two cultures, everything gets more intense! The possibilities double and something magical is created…

So I learned that arabic weddings are always full of great surprises. Because they have been changing greatly over the past years, you can’t really know which of the beautiful traditions will influence the big day, specially when it is a mix of cultures… So you might just be ready for a lot of different and unique moments!

That’s why, after such an incredible day, all I could ever think was: I need a reason to make an arabic wedding in Brazil to myself! Each peace of this magical day brought a taste of something new and a lot of joy.

Everything started with the completely different ceremony, that presented a little bit of the catholic orthodox culture and the crowning ritual, arabic songs and the famous “zaghareet”. During the party, something incredible prepared by the bride surprised everyone: a wonderful arabic dance presentation that made all the wedding guests feel like dancing “dabke” (even the ones that didn’t really know how). The cherry on top was when the bride started to sing a beautiful song to her husband :)

Definitely experiencing new cultures and being part of moments like this make my work as a wedding photographer a reason for infinite gratitude! After so many special details, this day could only be truly described with photography made with love…

Bride gets ready for her weddingNoiva se alegra ao ler cartão com a mãePais se emocionam ao ver a noiva prontaNoiva se prepara para seu casamento árabe no BrasilPai sorri ao ver a noiva chegando no carroNoivo árabe sorri ao receber a linda noiva no altarCasamento árabe na Igreja da Boa Viagem em Belo HorizonteCoroação dos noivos em cerimônia de casamento árabe no BrasilPagem se entedia durante cerimônia de casamentoNoivo beija aliança da noiva no altarNoivos se beijam no que parece ser um céu estrelado e infinitoGroom is surprised by arabic dance in his weddingWedding couple celebrate their arabic wedding in Brasil with lghtsDança típica em casamento árabe em BHNoivos são carregados em casamento árabe no BrasilDança do casal de noivos em casamento árabeDaminha fofa abraça a noiva em seu casamentoNoivo é carregado pelos amigos em seu casamentoNoiva recebe a benção da avó antes de jogar o buquêCrianças se divertem no palco de casamentoMomentos típicos de casamento árabe no Brasil evidenciam o encontro de culturas diferentesNoivos dançam com padrinho no palco de casamentoNoiva se diverte com as amigas em seu casamentoNoivos dançam dança típica árabe no palco de seu casamento em BHNoivos são aplaudidos enquanto realizam dança árabe no casamento


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