I will admit. I love to make this kind of post, but unfortunately, I was not the best blogger last year… This also meant that I completely missed doing the best wedding photos of 2019! I am sorry for that. But here I am now to compensate for everything: In this post, you will find my list of best wedding photos of 2020 (and 2019 too!).

Because 2020 was a very weird year (thank you COVID-19), I decided to include a few family photos in between. Family sessions have been always part of my work – usually more in the background. Last year, however, they have taken a more special place… So why not let them make a little appearance here too?

I hope you have fun watching them as much as I felt while choosing them!

And, before I forget, thank you all wonderful people that allowed me to photograph their weddings, elopements, couple moments, family interactions, baby bumps, newborn babies… I am more than grateful to have shared these amazing and special moments with you! I hope 2021 brings even more amazing moments to be eternalized!

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