Summer love, different cities. Everything pointed to a not lasting relationship. But he called. And she picked up. After lots of coming and going between cities, they were engaged… And when the big day was getting closer it was hard to think of a better way to celebrate than to make gorgeous couple beach pictures! And then we went together to this awesome city that is Rio de Janeiro.

If you have ever been there you know how many wonderful places you can find. You will get lost. You will get crazy. The tropical weather makes everything magical. From huge trees to amazing mountains that completely changes the view, you can’t get enough. So we had to make pictures everywhere! And we had specially a lot of fun doing our beach couple shot! Kisses, hugging and even playing games filled our day. And after so many wonderful pictures at the beach, we went to their home. After all, there’s nothing like home…

It was so easy to register what they are together: smiles and spontaneity are part of every moment with them. After sharing a whole day with this couple on the beach, around the city and in their home, I can say that there are infinite reasons to celebrate. And I am sure you will think as well after you check out these amazing couple beach pictures!

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