When Verena first wrote me about her cozy authentic wedding, I could already tell how sweet she was. On every detail, every sentence, she was always kind and attentive. Verena is that kind of person you want to have around, because she will make you feel loved! And although this shows by itself an amazing character, it is just one of the many wonderful things Koopal saw on her when they met.

They knew each other since school, but it was on her 18th birthday that they had their first kiss… Almost 12 years together, overcoming challenges and making their relationship better and better, it was finally time to take the next step. Koopal proposed in Paris, which was also the first place they travelled together. How romantic is that?

Getting married in Bensheim, their hometown, was important for them. Specially because the Bergkirche Auerbach was where Verena’s parents, grandparents and even grand-grandparents got married. Imagine how many other generations said ‘I do’ under the same ceiling? It is so special when the wedding location bring so many stories and memories to light… To make it all better, the place was decorated with unique green leaves and white flowers, and Verena had one of the most beautiful bouquets I’ve ever seen! Making moody photos and playing with light was one of their requests, so of course I did my best to please them :)

At the reception in the Glashaus Fürstenlager, the decoration was even more stunning. Greenery clouds hanging from the ceiling, together with colorful lights and candles, made the long table the perfect place to seat in their cozy authentic wedding. Then, a surprise: brazilian barbecue! Guess if I loved it?

For the party, Verena changed her wedding dress, and opted to wear black. I found it so authentic! In so many years photographing it was the first time I saw a bride in black. And I just loved that she decided to do what made her comfortable! Now imagine how gorgeous it was, when the black wedding cake arrived? Everything fit perfectly!

Thank you dear Verena and Koopal for sharing this flawless wedding day with me!

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