Being the photographer of one of your best friends is a great pleasure and guarantee of fun. But even if you know exactly how to make them laugh and how to make them feel comfortable, it can also be a challenging experience. For the simply fact that we can’t control everything. Our enthusiastic idea of making an incredible couple shooting in Monrepos could have become less great if we would be upset with the rainy weather or with the few hours of light that we had left. But of course we wouldn’t let this change our exciting plans (:

So, even with the lack of sun and the very fast ticking clock, we drove to one of my favorite places in Germany: Seeschloss Monrepos. Although it is not the first palace that people decide to visit when they come to Ludwigsburg, it is extraordinarily charming. The big lake adds to it a very romantic atmosphere, specially when you walk around it and find yourself surrounded by an impressive nature. It’s definitely the perfect place to host a wedding! So why wouldn’t it make the perfect place to have their couple shooting?

I’m a winter fan, so it’s not a surprise that I think the cold season make the place look uniquely gorgeous. The green colored lake pops up in our eyes, since there’s not so much color around in the plants. In this particular day, the fog brought us a sense of peace and it made us feel like we are the only people in the world… Because of the rainy day, there were not so many people around, which made this sensation even more strong.

Looking at the pictures now it is more clear to me that bad weather bring uniqueness to the couple photos and to the place itself. I truly believe that if we embrace what we have and make the most of it, we can have really impressive results! And as a good wedding photographer in Germany, I think I could find out a way to do it! What do you think?

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