If you are like most of the brides I know, having a beach wedding crossed your mind one or two times at least. But sometimes having your big day barefoot in the sand doesn’t really fit to the other details of your ideal wedding. Maybe it’s too hard to convince everyone to travel together to the coast or maybe you like the gorgeous view but are too scared of the weather. No matter what is the reason that you decide to not get married at the beach, you still can’t get rid of the idea of having something nice there. And then… EUREKA! You realize that you can have a beach couple shoot. And all your dreams can be fulfilled!

Bella and Leandro decided to do exactly that. Having some couple beach photos was something they really wanted to have. So we planned a day trip to Rio de Janeiro just to have our beautiful images of this gorgeous couple on the beach. The thing is that, we can never really know how the weather will be. And in that particular day, it started to rain. After weeks of planning, it felt like it was not exactly how we wanted it to be. After all, beach photography is all about a sunny day, right? Not necessarily. Actually, since we were already wet from the rain, we decided to get all wet. Including me! :) And that was one of the most incredible photo shooting I’ve ever done!

We started the day in the beautiful Botanical Garden. Big trees and lots and lots of green. It is a great feeling to walk in the Brazilian rain forest. After relaxing a little bit and spending time connecting with the nature, we walked in the direction of the sea. And there, the fun started! The best part was to feel the waves together. Even if you are not planning a beach couple shoot, I strongly recommend that you do that. Try to kiss and not look to the waves that are coming! There are a few things in this world that feels so enjoyable like that… And then we enjoyed walking barefoot, running, spinning and being free to try a lot of beach picture ideas. All that gave us this incredible couple beach photos. Check it out!

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