For those that really love pets (just like me) prepare yourself. This couple took very seriously the idea of making a cute portrait shooting with dogs. So they thought one or two shitzus wouldn’t be enough… but three! And because I always try to tell some of the history of each couple that I make the wedding photos, the pets couldn’t be out of the portrait shooting.

Of course, every moment of the trip to make these pictures was fun with these little cute dogs. Running after them so they wouldn’t get lost, cleaning the rest of what once was a hygienic mat, or just trying to make them look to the camera and not run over us. It is not exactly easy to bring little dogs (or big dogs, for a matter of fact) to make a portrait shooting, but every second of the trouble is worth it! So I am super glad that they did it.

Now if you want the photos to be even more amazing, just imagine a couple completely in love, in one little city with narrow stone streets, a small church, and beautiful nature surrounding everything: wow! You got the perfect formula to have a gorgeous portrait shooting before the big day. And, naturally, to make your wedding photographer very happy :)

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