When we start to talk about the engagement shooting, one of the first questions asked is: where are we going to photograph? And I love this question! Because there’s no ready-to-give-answer. If you are looking for an unique engagement shooting, the ideal option is that we can think about a place related to your story. It could be the place you two met, the house in which you always watch Netflix Together, or the lake you go every Sunday to run together. Could be your favorite city in this world or a place you’ve always dreamed to go. The thing is that, sometimes, people feel like they don’t have a perfect or beautiful place. But with a good wedding photographer you can have a creative engagement shooting anywhere! In the story I’ll tell, we went to the mum of the bride’s house. It was a nice place with mountains and a great view! But it was much more than that… If we see with the heart, we can make up a lot of different way to create amazing wedding photos.

The greatest thing of this day is that Nat (the bride) was also really excited about the pictures. And she had this really great idea of bringing an important object from one of their favorite Netflix series: a yellow umbrella. Does it sound familiar? This was so incredible, that instead of taking to the shooting things that were just beautiful, she decided to bring something with significance. I was so happy! And even more motivated to photograph this engagement shooting.

And then, there we went, discovering places around, climbing to the roofs of the houses and even changing the weather. When the bride and groom trust my work and are ready to do whatever it takes, there’s no better result! And with this really creative engagement shooting I started to photograph for the season in Brazil. And between us, what a great beginning… Nat and Daniel were completely awesome!

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