Adventure elopements have been growing in popularity over the years, and I have to say I love this trend! Since I moved to the country of poets and thinkers, I can see so many wonderful possibilities to elope to Germany or even to other countries around here… We have all kinds of nature wonders and breathtaking scenery. But between all the possibilities, I have my favorites :) That is why I decided to share a little bit of an insider’s point of view and tell you why you should be thinking about having an elopement in the Eibsee Lake in Germany.

Elopement in the Eibsee Lake

Usually when people think about dreamy lakes destinations to elope or get married, Lake Como in Italy or Lake Bled in Slovenia are the first options that come to mind. But, in my humble opinion, they don’t get even close to the beauty of the Eibsee Lake in Germany! And the best of all, is that it is not so common to think of this location to get married as it is to think of the others… So getting married in the Eibsee allows you to have something more unique and authentic :)

The wonderful possibilities of the Eibsee

The Eibsee Lake is quite possibly one of the most beautiful and inspiring places in the world to get married. So of course it has to be part of my top favorite locations when I think about eloping to Germany.

The crystal clear and colourful waters might be the first thing you see. It’s amazing to find so many tones of blue and green together… Because of its colours the lake is often called “the Caribbean of Germany”. Incredible, right? But wait for it. If you look a little bit more up, will will notice something that makes the view even more spectacular: the lake lies at the foot of Zugspitze, the highest mountain of Germany. Combining these two things together should be already enough to give you an idea of how stunning this place is.

But the possibilities don’t end there. Walking around the lake, you will find countless gorgeous locations. In every corner, there is something to make your eyes shine, really! Bridges, forests, huge stones and beautiful bays. It will be hard to not stop every five seconds to make a picture :) The good thing is that, having an elopement in the Eibsee Lake, allows you to do exactly that. After exchanging vows in one of your favorite spots, we can go on walking around the lake and enjoy all the possibilities the location offers for wonderful wedding photos.

Wedding at the Eibsee Hotel

If you dream about something bigger than an elopement in the Eibsee Lake, and would like to have other guests to celebrate your big day, don’t worry! The Eibsee Hotel offers the perfect solution for you.

You can choose between getting married in the idylic Maximilian Island in the middle of Lake Eibsee (up to 25 guests) or at the romantic Birkenhof lake garden at the hotel (up to 50 guests). No matter which option you choose, it will be definitely a memorable experience, having such a spectacular natural surroundings.

Some extra tips

Although the Eibsee Lake is not so famous as Lake Como or Lake Bled as an elopement location, it is a very touristic place. So if you want your exchange of vows to be more private, make sure to get there early in the morning, or to have help of a wedding planner or elopement photographer to decide the best spot and time. Eloping is a big life event, so there should be a bit of planning involved to make sure your special day goes off without a hitch.

Eloping to the Eibsee Lake in Germany

Not sure where to start? Just write me a message and let me help you to make your dream to elope to the Eibsee Lake become true!

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