When you realize all the details (and investment) that planning a wedding involves, you might think that you will get completely crazy. Until you realize that the thought of planning a large-scale wedding can be replaced by a simple elopement with your loved one… This option makes the planning a lot easier and helps you save a lot! With much more freedom, you start wondering which magical place you would like to elope to… Your options are endless! That’s why I’d like to point some reasons why you should consider eloping to Germany.

Why you should consider eloping to Germany


At first you might be excited about Italy, Greece or even Island. These are gorgeous options and they have become kind of a trend lately. But what if you think a little bit outside the box? There are so many incredible options that you didn’t see in any wedding blog. And if you are like me (and most of the people I know) it feels really nice to have something different from what you usually see. You want your wedding to be unique. So why not elope to Germany? I already wrote a post about some really great reasons to have a destination wedding in Germany, and some of them apply to elopements as well. The main reason of all is definitely how many beautiful and unique places you can find here.


Germany is so amazingly beautiful it’s hard to choose just one spot. You could go to the top of mountains with an amazing view or in a forest. If you like the countryside you can still look for windmills, apple trees (they are so gorgeous in the spring time!) or rapeseed fields. Maybe you are the romantic kind and then you could just choose to elope in a castle garden close to lakes filled with ducks and swans. Or even in a beer garden of a fairy tale castle. There are so many gorgeous castles to get married in Germany! If you like the adventurous style you might like the idea of getting married on the top of a television tower or in a steam train running through a gorge. There are so many options… just let yourself be yourself and choose what fits best!


Eloping in Germany is a great idea when you are looking for a intimate and romantic place to celebrate your wedding and don’t need it to be a legal ceremony. You can think of it as a private ceremony without legal or religious relevance if you already did the legal stuff in your home country. I believe this is a good way to elope to any place, cause even if it is not so hard to get married in the eloping country, you might have some serious work to make it valid in your homeland.

But, if you want to have the legal or religious stuff there, you can check this link here for more information. Be aware that requirements may vary from region to region, so it’s really important that you check also with your local embassy and the local magistrate’s office (Standesamt).


Since you are in Germany why not enjoy your time and have your honeymoon there? All those perfect venues to elope in Germany might be as great to be chosen as a romantic honeymoon. Sandy beaches of Frisian Islands in the North Sea, romantic castles, small towns full of personality, beautiful Vineyards, the Black Forest region or the Alpine foothills in Bavaria.

One of the most famous routes in Germany is called the Romantic Road.  It defines the 350 kilometers between Wüzburg and Füssen in southern Germany, specially in Bavaria and Baden-Wüttemberg. It links some of the country’s most incredible castles, including the famous Neuschwanstein, and charming towns like Nördlingen, Dinkelsbühl and Rothenburg ob der Tauber. If you like the idea of visiting more than one place this might be the best choice for you honeymoon after eloping in Germany.

If you want more ideas, check out this website that lists some the most romantic honeymoon spots there.


When you plan an elopement, you most likely will have these two things: a stunning venue and not so many people present. In fact, traditionally it will be just the two of you. So you cannot forget to hire a great wedding photographer (in Germany or any place you opt for). I saw so many times people regretting for not having hired a good wedding photographer for their destination wedding or elopement… After the big day and everything beautiful you experienced, having high quality and awesome wedding photos could’t be the only thing that you missed, right? Specially if you want to share this moment with your family and friends when you go back home! So make sure to find the right photographer to be with you. 

If you are in love with the idea of eloping to Germany now, or you simply wanna know more about elopement photography or destination wedding just send me a message and let’s talk about how I can tell your story (:

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