2017 was a year filled with great surprises and incredible moments… I met inspiring couples, made some old relationships deeper, cried and laughed with them about new shared experiences and met new places and photography styles. After some years working with photography, there was the need to separate family photography from weddings, so I created an exclusive instagram with a lot of baby bumps, kids and cute newborns. After all, despite the big day photography there’s a lot of history to be told!

But my heart still beats fast for the wedding day, before and after shootings, and every special moment planned by my couples… That’s why I decided to make this post: to thank each person that was part of this year and gave us a reason to smile! My gorgeous couples and their families (that keep getting bigger), the partners that are essencial to make all these pictures possible, and God for blessing me with another year of working with the best thing in the world! To celebrate, I chose some special pictures, so you can also share our smile :)

brinde noivos padrinhos
couple and sunset
emotional wedding
luzinhas no casamento
altar casamento luzinhas
despedida pai noiva
shot dos noivos
casal caminhando juntos
brinde noivos bolo
noivos champagne palco
noiva tequila
noivos e céu lindo com nuvens
having fun wedding
casal noivos
dancing in the wedding
creative pos wedding
noivos carinho altar
groom hugging bride
abraço noivos colorido
buque casamento
cachorros no casamento
brinde especial noivo
casal beijo flores primavera
mão no vestido da noiva
noivo bebendo em câmera lenta
filha colocando sapato mãe noiva
dança sertaneja casamento
noivo se emociona ao ver a noiva
noivo descendo até o chão