Rio de Janeiro. Easter of 2006. First meeting. Ups. Downs. Disagreements. Split up. 3 years later, Europe. Carnival, Italy. New beginning. The way between two cities. Canada. Dreaming together. India, Taj Mahal. The proposal. And then, back to Rio de Janeiro. So many stories, and a final destination. They would start a new life there. And there would be no better way of celebrating this intense feeling than to make couple beach photos. In Rio de Janeiro, of course.

After this long love story that would make a great movie, Louise and Gustavo finally got together. It would be hard to put everything they shared until today in words. But we can say that spending lots of time in the airport waiting for each other and facing the big challenges of having a distant relationship was a big part of it. And so was spending time together at the beach. The calming waves and the wonderful view of God’s creation helped them to go through everything, and to get ready to take the next step: getting married.

Because Louise is from Rio de Janeiro and Gustavo is from Belo Horizonte, they had the hard choice of deciding where to celebrate the big day. And the best option was plan the wedding in one city and making a beautiful beach couple shot in the other. Of course we wouldn’t make only beach pictures, after all this was only part of their shared life so far. We would have to tell it all. And that’s exactly what we did! This mixture of contexts, cultures, city life, airport, couple beach photos and nature showed how beautiful and complex human relationships can be. And these two are an amazing exemple of it!

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