This stunning wedding in Brazil can be described in two words: touching and exciting. With a lot of creativity, the relationship was always a place to create different ways of showing love. One of them, was an album that they exchanged every 6 months, filled with photos of moments they shared together. On the wedding day, the bride got flowers and this album, where there were just a few spaces left to fill with the wedding photos. What a inspiring gift! Pictures that told their history from the beginning until the big day. Can you imagine my joy as a wedding photographer when I realized my pictures would be responsible for closing this amazing album? With a day starting like this, I knew everything else would be awesome!

After having a great time getting ready with her friends, the bride went to the church to wait for the last seconds… In this incredible church, filled with beautiful and colorful windows, they exchanged their vowels. After the rings it was time to go party. And Brazilian people know how to party! They brought 5 different bands and DJs to play in their wedding, and each one was more amazing than the other. Close to the dance place, there was a setting prepared by the video guys to record slow motion videos that were posted directly in Instagram. Impressive! When it was time for the bride to throw the bouquet, a surprise: instead of throwing, she would give colorful tapes for the girls to hold. And then, with the eyes closed, she cut each one until there was only one person left! It was super fun! There were so many great moments that we all stayed until we were kicked out from the place… After all, no one wants to let such a stunning wedding to get to an end…

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