Do you know how it feels to fall in love at first sight? In this case I’m talking about how I felt when I met these two! It is feels really good to have your work recognized and at the same time to meet incredible people! The love and care they have for each other, that we can clearly see in the pictures, goes beyond themselves and touches everyone around… And to celebrate this gift, we decided to do some inspiring sunset engagement photos in one of my favorites places in the Brazilian mountains.

The perfect day that presented us with a gorgeous blue sky only made everything more awesome. But since we are talking about real life, we all know that we have to walk a loooong way until we get to the good part. So, before this nice day, we had to go through what we could almost call a soap opera of move-or-not-move to Canada, where they had to adapt to a lot of situations. The wedding was scheduled and canceled. They thought about not having a celebration anymore, and about letting everything go so they could focus in moving to Canada. After all, it is not easy to think about that many details. You have to be really organized, focused and prepare a great financial planning.

But, very fortunately, they could finally decide to get married. And, because they have been already following my work as a wedding photographer, even before planning the big day, this part of planning was already set! So all we had to do was to make beautiful photos and bring our creative ideas out… So we didn’t take long to set the date and to think about all the gorgeous images we could make in a sunset engagement session… Check out the results!

* The bride (Fernanda)  is a really cute YouTuber that shares some funny life facts and gives really useful tips about getting things organized. If you want to get to know her better, just check her YouTube channel here (:

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