It is not recent news that the wedding lighting is one of the most important thing for the brides. And, of course, for the wedding photographers as well. After all, photographing is writing with light. And when you have beautiful lighting (which could be fairy lights, candles, spots or any other source) it is a lot easier for us to focus in making beautiful and creative photos. That’s why when Isabella told me she had a lot of ideas for the decoration lights, I was super excited and started to imagine all the possibilities. Especially because the ceremony was going to be held in the sunset, in an open place, filled with beautiful trees. To make everything even greater, the decoration of the party was also spectacular, with a lot of colorful flowers and guess what? More beautiful lights. It is hard to say what was more incredible on this day… But let’s start from the beginning.

Her friends sent her some flowers and a beautiful card when she was getting ready. Of course, she had her eyes filled with joyful tears! I have seen already a lot of grooms sending something nice to the bride in my life, but this was the first time I saw her friends preparing such a nice surprise ♥ It was really a special thing! After this unique moment, it was time to put up a gorgeous makeup to make the bride even more beautiful… And to match all this beauty, the ceremony was exactly how Isabella planned. Held at the end of the afternoon of a beautiful day, with an impressive wedding lighting decoration. There were a lot of people smiling and emotionally crying, which kind of made me want to have more than two eyes for a little bit of time!

After so many great things, it was time to party. And what an exciting party! The spontaneous expressions of Michel and Isabella made me a non-stop photographer. Every second there was something special going on: crazy dance, the bride putting on her sneakers to get more comfortable and lots of love. In the end, this wedding made it possible to have so many breathtaking photos! The hard part was only to choose which ones I would post to the blog…

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