The year of 2018 was a little bit atypical for me. To be honest, “a little bit” is very far from the reality… It was completely different from everything I could ever imagine! After many years creating wonderful weddings pictures in Brazil, I made the decision of moving to Germany. So, of course, there were a lot of changes. To be a destination wedding photographer based in a different country requires a lot of planning. So I spent half of the year in each place preparing all the details of this transition. And it was so exciting to live this process! I had the opportunity to share so many different and exciting adventures… That’s why I decided to post here the best wedding photos of 2018. So I can share with you some of the incredible moments that happened during this very special year :)

Small weddings, big weddings, sunset ceremonies, adventurous elopements, fashion editorials, candid moments, crazy dances, sweet kids, rainy days, castle weddings, lots of snow, destination weddings… 2018 had it all! From traditional weddings to epic crazy ones, I found a lot of inspiration. And I am pretty sure you will too! After all, no matter which kind of person you are, you can always find inspiration in real love…

To celebrate it all and to make this year even more memorable, I received 5 awards for some of the best photos of 2018. Fearless Photographers and Masters of Wedding Photography in Germany brought me a lot of joy. Having my work recognized as outstanding between many other amazing international photographers is priceless!

2018 was definitely something special. So many awesome people and stories that made me a better person. Each one that shared this year with me is a reason for a heart full with gratitude… Moving to a new country, lots of joy, international photography awards and a new beginning. Can’t wait to see what 2019 holds!

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