This girl won my heart since the first time we talked. So you can imagine how happy I was when they decided to choose me as their wedding photographer. This day I knew I got not just a client, but also a new friend. And although I like to get close to my couples, with Nicole and Alexandre things happened even more fast. They are so open to people, always taking care of everyone, and celebrating life. It was amazing to be part of their story together. And it was even more special to be able to share it through great wedding photos.

Every detail of this day was carefully thought to reflect their personality and relationship. I think it is really great when people decide for wedding concepts that fit their style, even if it is not so usual. In Brazil we are used to have big weddings, with around 400 guests, and usually at night. But this couple decided to do something different. They decided to do a small wedding, during the day, in a really sweet restaurant. The ceremony was in a church nearby and then all the guests came to this restaurant. There they made the toast with a typical Brazilian beer, instead of drinking champagne. That was so creative!

After this, the party started with good music and a mix of feelings. We could see people laughing, crying, making fun, dancing… But don’t worry. The crying part was for a good thing. Nicole had a friend living in different country, so when they talked they got a little bit emotional… But this simply fit, since strong emotions is something that we had abundantly in that day. Including my emotion of being a friend. Of photographing as an insider. And when the wedding photographer becomes a friend, everything is different…

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