A couple of months ago, a friend of mine (Jae-In from the Wedding Pilots) told me one of the greatest news I could hear: she was pregnant! Although this was so incredible, some adjustments had to be made. As a wedding photographer, she would have to talk to the couples that had previous booked her and her husband, to figure out if they would be still able to photograph their big day.

Isabel and Michael were one of the people they had to talk to. And even though Jae-In would be very pregnant on their wedding day, there was such a real connection that they didn’t want to look for other photographers around Germany. That’s where I came in :) I was invited to join them, to be part of a very special team of wedding photographers. And what a great honour it was to register and share Micha and Isa’s wedding day!

All the years spent together, made them one of those couples with such a deep connection, that you can easily see in their eyes. There’s no wonder, why Isa was so happy while getting ready. Smiling and relaxed, she got even more gorgeous by the hands of Elena Götz. Wearing a golden gift that Micha gave her, she was carrying the memory of his parents. A meaningful day like the wedding, is meant to be shared with all our loved ones… And so did they!

The St. Vitus church was filled by the closest friends and family. After a funny and emotional ceremony, it was time to celebrate. With the super important help of Ja von Hertzen, they planned the most amazing wedding in the Schloss Ehrenfels in Hayingen. Gisela, from Die Kathe, made the location look simply stunning! Colourful flowers and little lights gave a romantic and delicate feeling to the interior of the castle. Inside and outside, they all enjoyed a beautiful cake, some drinks, great food and then… finally dancing! As a photographer that comes from Brazil, I have to say this is one of my favorite parts. And oh, boy! How happy was I to see that Micha and Isa (as well as their friends) definitely knew how to party!

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