Isabella always loved horses and farms, but when she met Sergio this feeling got even stronger. At first sight, she found a little bit weird that he was wearing really tight pants and a cowboy belt. But it didn’t take a long time until she also started to like the country style. After a lot of great moments together, they decided to get married. That’s when she had the idea of doing something really special: a country wedding! Since she never thought about a classic and modern wedding before, this idea fit perfectly… And with this dream in their mind, they started to plan all the little details. And I started to thing about the wedding photos.

The first decision was to get married in the countryside. After all, where would it be a better place to have a country wedding? Everything then was planned in an very unique way: the entrance of the bride riding a horse, the bouquet being replaced with Toy Story’s Woody character in the party, the cowboy outfit for the groom and the country boots for the bride. The decoration was made by the couple and their friends with a lot of rustic elements and creativity, like the ox cart used as the cake table. It was the perfect wedding for them: completely country! Does it seem enough? Not for them, that planned and executed an incredible country dance!

The cherry on top was when everyone started to get a little bit crazy with the Brazilian drinks like “cachaça” and “capirinha“. They were so excited that they decided to follow the traditions and drink beer in their boots. Unbelievable! Of course I really enjoyed this moment and took a lot of spontaneous pictures that would make them super happy for choosing a wedding photographer that came from a different city…

Check it out a little bit of this incredible country wedding!

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