The day of her wedding was one of her biggest dreams… That’s why they came to me almost 2 years before the big day. Can you imagine that? Two years of planning. Choosing the place, the little details, the decoration. All the amazing lights and flowers that were able to mix up a contemporary touch and a very romantic atmosphere. Trying dresses, thinking about the music that fits. Choosing the food that would be served (not so hard this part, I admit hahaha). Without rushing, they could think and decide carefully for every person involved in their big day. So, of course, I was very happy to be chosen as the wedding photographer of this romantic wedding with a modern flair.

Laura decided to get ready in the same place of the ceremony and party. This was great, because she could see how everything was being created and slowly watch her dream becoming reality. That’s when she realized how many people were part of  their wedding. And decided to thank everyone for that. Including the people that we usually don’t see so much, like the ones that work in the kitchen! This was so sweet… I think I never saw someone so grateful like her.

On the other side there was Jader, getting ready so see his bride. When it was finally time for her to walk the aisle, it was easy to see in his eyes how much he expected that moment and all the love that he felt. It was really moving!

After a great ceremony, it was time to party. And these people know how to do it! I never saw any couple dancing with such a synchrony like these two. And I am not even talking about the official valse moment. I am talking about the whole party! It was hard to stop photographing… Every dance, new moves. Amazing! From romantic to modern, from touching to exciting. This wedding was a mix of good feelings and moments! Just like she dreamed…

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