To start telling this love story, we decided to travel to one of the most beautiful places of Brazil. Mountains, lakes, incredible tree and red sand. The couple had recently travelled there and they completely felt in love with all the details. So it was not hard to choose there to make our inspiring engagement photos. And I loved it so much! The weather that seemed a little bit cloudy in the beginning, ended up turning to such a beautiful sky. Clouds and colors, together, made it possible to create gorgeous winter engagement photos… Let’s just face it, does anyone doubt about the perfect combination of winter and being really close to your loved one?

But the perfect combination is not aways seen from the beginning. Love stories don’t aways start when two people meet for the first time. You can meet someone a lot of times and be indifferent about it. The love of your life finally appears in you life… and, for some reason, it just doesn’t change anything. But then, after a couple of days, months or years, something changes. You start to talk more and get closer. And every step you take, you want to get closer and closer. You decide to walk together… towards a shared life. And then magic begins… And why not celebrate the magic with wedding photos in winter time? After all, we always end up seeing the perfect combinations…

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