Fernanda is one of those girls that makes everyone comfortable. You will never get to a point where you run out of something to talk about, because she has a lot of nice things to share. She is always smiling. You can see that even in her eyes. Juliano is more discrete and calm… but he definitely shares the smiling eyes. And that’s not the only thing they share. Although they were born in Belo Horizonte, they ended up in the coast. And that’s why we were so excited about making some really romantic couple images in Rio de Janeiro!

In the summer vibes of a day spent between tropical trees, old buildings and the sea, I was inspired by their contagious happiness. There’s something special in being around them. Something that makes joy so clear that it goes beyond any picture taken. And then, after making this gorgeous couple beach pictures, I felt renewed. Having breakfast together, walking around the Botanical Garden and feeling the wind coming from the sea. Everything made this romantic relationship easily translated into pictures. I hope you enjoy each one of them!

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