Classical wedding in the church | Brazil

Groom hugs and kisses the bride in a colorful moment

I know this beautiful and unique girl for a long time. And since the day that I met her she was already together with Marcelo. Thirteen years in a relationship, building a deep love filled with intimacy, in a way that we don’t see so often around us. Thirteen years sharing joy, fears and dreams, crying when sad moments came and finding comfort in each others arms. Thirteen years and still able to say that the other has the best kiss in the world and sharing this love with everyone around! And after so long, she finally invited me to be her wedding photographer… 🙂

And then the big day came. There was a surprising music for the groom, there was a beautiful roses bouquet for the bride (that loved it so much, she almost took it to the church). There was a classical wedding in the church. There were two great bands, a lot of laugh and some drunk people (some? lol). There was a lot of color to show all the happiness of that day. And there were A LOT of tears of joy… After all, being all those years together, we feel like their history is also ours, right?

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