Being a wedding photographer in Brazil means that you will eventually find yourself as a destination wedding photographer. That is because Brazil is so big and so full with possibilities, that the couples are always open to travel to a different place to celebrate their wedding. This amazing couple opt to do it twice: for the engagement photos and for the wedding day. For the first one, we decided to go to the historical city where the bride went to university to study medicine. Ouro Preto was a big part of their story, which made this stunning city the perfect location for our couple pictures. Although it was not so easy to find a date (you know how doctors are busy) we finally booked it! And it couldn’t be more perfect. Choosing a place with meaning was the first step to have a spontaneous engagement photo shot. And let’s be honest: this is all you want to have when you finally look at your wedding photos.

We walked around the crowded city, looking for little details and colors that would look nice. It was not so hard. Having a beautiful city like Ouro Preto as the perfect location for our wedding pictures, and a couple like this, made photographing a piece of cake. Of course they were a little bit shy in the beginning… but it didn’t take long until they were free to be themselves. And that means, hugging, kissing and… biting some ears. Hell yeah! True love. And this is one of the most beautiful expression of love: little spontaneous moments that you share…

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