Have you ever thought about getting married in a castle? This might sound like a crazy idea for some, and it is the perfect description of a dream wedding to others. Before coming to Germany, I didn’t even think this would be a possibility. After all, we don’t have many castles in Brazil! But Germany is known for its wonderful castles, and gladly, we can get married in a lot of them. One of my favorites is the gorgeous Burg Staufeneck. The ruined castle is located in the Swabian Alb, and it is one of the most amazing wedding venues in the Göppingen district. Breath-taking view, hotel for the guests that want to sleepover, and the possibility of taking photos with super cute deers… No wonder why it was the chosen place for Roland and Nina’s wedding!

So let’s start from the beginning. Meeting Roland and Nina for the first time, was like talking to old friends. They are welcoming and kind, in a way that it was easy to just sit for a coffee, and spend a long time talking about life and photos. Their little girl is so beautiful and sweet… that even before the wedding, I knew it would be hard to not be distracted by her while photographing the newlyweds!

Fast forward to the big day. The couple decided to get married in the Margaretenkirche in Salach, just a few minutes drive from Burg Staufeneck. Gladly, COVID pandemic had given a little break by then. Family and friends could still gather together to celebrate this big day :) After a nice ceremony and greetings, we all drove to the castle ruins to the reception. The stunning decoration of white flowers, greenery, and feathers was waiting to wow the guests. And while they were just talking and having fun, we went to the castle courtyard to make some couple pictures at the ruins. Roland and Nina were shining with their happiness… So I didn’t have to do much to get the most wonderful smiles and little moments!

After dinner, we had decided to make some more amazing pictures with the sunset and deers. We didn’t have a lot of time, but it was such a fun moment! I think I never got that close to deers, so it was crazy to take pictures there. We had to figure out in seconds how to get spontaneous photos, pet the dears and still have them around us at the same time. The secret: have some food with you! And be aware of the bouquet, because they might want to eat it too…

With the sun gone, it was finally time to party! Colorful lights transformed the Burg Staufeneck and its surroundings. The band and DJ started playing and everyone was ready to dance :) What a wonderful wedding! Thank you dear Roland and Nina for choosing me as your wedding photographer for such an incredible day!

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