When you see how this couple looks you’ll think they just came out of a magazine. Yes, they are incredibly gorgeous. But this is the less amazing thing about them. And their story. With 10 years of knowing each other, they have one of the most inspirational stories I know. A relationship of respect and trust. Of being able to talk about everything and to love the other above themselves. Of living in different cities, but having the heart in the same place. Of dreaming together, and making things happen. Of being able to forgive and to look at each other like God look at us. With perfect love. And to celebrate all that, they decided to do an unique destination wedding in Brazil, in one of the most beautiful locations that you could imagine…

After 120km driving from Belo Horizonte, between mountains and a impressive nature, you can see the Caraça Sanctuary. The construction that was made in the XVIII century, impresses everyone with its beauty and colorful windows. And that was the perfect location that Fernanda and Guilherme have chosen to celebrate their destination wedding. Friends and family drove a couple of hours to spend the weekend there, and share these magical days. And of course, so did their destination wedding photographer :) On Saturday morning, bride and groom were getting ready separated for just a few meters of distance. People coming and going. An amazing decoration being prepared. Wedding planners solving the last minutes details. And suddenly, it was time.

After going with her brother under a gorgeous flower arch, she walked the aisle. And there was the groom, alternating between a huge smile and the small eyes of someone that tries to hold the tears of joy. It was really touching to see so many people getting emotional in this moment. And then the vows. The kiss. The first dance. Toasting, dancing and sharing happiness. It was not a surprise that when it was time to go home, no one wanted to go. We could listen the whole party in a chorus asking for more… Unfortunately, some good things have to come to an end. Fortunately, in this case, it was to start something even better: their married life. And at least, soon they would have some beautiful photos of this unique destination wedding to share…

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