Some girls dream about their fairy tale wedding since they are kids. Having the perfect dress (like these amazing ones that Disney launched based in the style of some of the our most beloved princesses), getting married in a castle or even arriving at the ceremony in a horse drawn carriage.

But although having a fairy tale wedding is not the aspiration of every bride I know, I love when people let their imagination and dreams build the unique details of the big day. And being part of this construction makes everything super inspiring for me as a wedding photographer!

And this was an even more special wedding. Nat is one of my best friends, so my involvement with their story started long before they got engaged… A story of smiles and tears. Of wait and surrender. A story in which the hand of God was the one that defined the way. More than 8 years walking together until this day came. Plans that were made and then deconstructed… to be transformed in something even better! So you can imagine the shining eyes of Nat’s dad, when he was talking in the ceremony. You can imagine the emotion in Felipe’s face during the whole celebration – in which he didn’t know if he smiled or cried (how sweet!). You can imagine the exploding happiness of every single heart sharing this moment. Or how much excitement was in the air during the party. But all of this is not where the magic stands.

This was not a fairy tale wedding because of the carriage and horse entrance. It was not because of the perfect dress, or of the romantic dance. It was not because they lived happily ever after. The magic comes from something else: from the joy of two people who have experienced happiness in each other’s company. And then, they went beyond, and discovered, that in God, happiness never ends!

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