When the dear Michaela invited me to photograph a wedding in Zürich, I couldn’t stop imagining how incredible it would be. I had been there for the first time quite recently, and was amazed by the city and the country. Mountains, blue lakes, great chocolate, a very good mix… and the location couldn’t fit better the couple! Noelia and Romeo came from different countries – Spain and Portugal – and lived in Zürich for a while, so there were people from lots of different places coming to their wedding. Of course, I was mega happy that my brazilian-german language skills came in handy on that day :)

Early on the day, I got to their apartment to photograph Romeo getting ready, surrounded by a couple of friends, family and their sweet son Tiago-Leandro. They made me feel home from the very first second! Being used to photograph the bride getting ready most of the time, it’s not often that I get to start the day from the perspective of the groom. And it was just amazing! This also gave me the chance to be between the first ones to arrive at the church in Zürich. It was so nice to photograph all the little interactions of the people when they got there (specially the kids!). The Kath. Kirche St. Anton is beautiful, so I had something super special to look forward to. And it was worth the wait. Lots of emotions, tears and smiles filled this stunning place and transformed it in something even more splendid.

Following the ceremony in Zürich we had the newlywed photo session in a Vineyard in Maur, close to the reception location. Right after, the guests were waiting with colored smoke bombs and balloons to welcome the couple. This would fit so perfectly to what coming next: the most crazy and colorful place I’ve ever photographed a wedding! Really. If I had to make a list, Bost Productions AG would definitely be one of most unique venues to get married in Zürich. Actually, also in all the other cities I’ve been to!

To make everything more remarkable, they prepared a beautiful music to surprise the bride that made her very emotional. It was so sweet to see Noelia and Romeo hugging and sharing this tender moment surrounded by their loved ones… Later, a Flamenco dance (oh, that was so AWESOME!) filled the stage and made everyone excited to join. Everything got so magical with the crazy architecture around the dance floor. From the beginning to the end, this was such a colorful wedding!

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