It’s not such a long time ago that a sunset wedding in Brazil was something hard to be seen. The bride’s dream was always a really classic wedding in a “Beauty and the Beast” kind of way: ceremony held in a wonderful church and the party prepared with an imposing decoration made with big chandeliers and glamorous flowers. Well, since we have a really warm country (most of the year) and we definetely like to party, it made sense. But after seeing all those inspiring pictures from wedding in Europe or USA in blogs and instagram like Junebug Weddings, people here started to think that a gorgeous sunset wedding was something possible. Of course that, as we like to dance and drink all night long, having a night party was something hard to give up. But then it came: why not have both of them? Getting married at sunset is the perfect choice. The stunning light that we have at the end of the day (that photographers call the golden hour) and the super exciting party. And if we can choose any time to get married, why can’t we choose any place? More and more options are showing up to brazilians. Some like the idea of getting married in Europe or Caribbean, and some choose one of the beautiful places around the country. After all we have mountains, beaches and pretty much any kind of breathtaking scenery. That’s why having a destination wedding has also become more and more common. But no matter where we choose to have the wedding, one thing is for sure: everyday we have more people getting married during the day. And that’s exactly what this sweet couple chose :)

Let’s start from the beginning. After some years of relashionship, Vanessa and Thiago went to Paris. Sitted in front of the Tour Effeil, he takes a little box from his pocket. A box with the perfect size of a ring. Of course she thought that a really romantic proposal was coming! But soon he said: “This is a gift for you to remember our trip together. But this is not a ring”. And this misunderstanding was for a long time a reason to laugh together and with friends. Three years later, they were traveling to Uruguai. Seated side by side, watching the sunset and drinking a wine, he takes a little box from his pocket. And then he says “This is a gift for you to remember our trip together…”. But this time, fortunatelly, he completed the sentence asking her to marry him. Of course she said yes!

A couple of months later, the big day has come. Vanessa got ready with her mum and friends together. Every moment was awesome: from the toast (I love when people make a little mess) to the gorgeous wedding dress and the perfect make up! And then it was time. In the ceremony, tears of joy. Kids being kids. One of the little ones walked so slow in the aisle that the groom had to go there to pick him up… and everyone laughed! With the perfect light of the sunset it was possible to make amazing photos of the wedding. And the party was exactly in the brazilian style: great bands playing, everyone dancing, and having a lot of fun. Even for me, as the wedding photographer, it was super hard to leave… Can you imagine for the guests? In the end, I am completely sure they had the wedding of their dreams…

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