When I had just moved to Germany, I was lucky to photograph the inspiring wedding of Conny and Christian. It was a very nice experience, specially because it was one of the first times I was part of a german wedding. Completely different from Brazil in a lot of aspects but, still, filled with joy and lots of smiles… I couldn’t imagine then, that on top of all good things that I was gifted on that day, photographing an amazing destination wedding in France would be added to that list.

Verena is Conny sister, and they share the best way of laughing and a lightness in dealing with everything. So when she wrote an email saying that they really wanted me to be their wedding photographer, I got super excited about it! They decided to have a destination wedding in France, because that’s where Christophe comes from, and they would have a very special guest: their little son. Those who knows me, know that I really like children. But Hugo got me specially in love! He was less than 1 year when we first talked about the wedding photos, and his smile and cheeks won me over from the first second. Somehow, he got to be even more cute until the wedding day. And I had to make a big effort to focus on the couple, and not on him… Don’t get me wrong. Verena and Christophe are an amazing couple, mega fun and there was so much that I loved about their way combined. But Hugo… well, he was Hugo. Gladly, they were all together very often :) He even had a special part on the wedding dance!

As if the family wasn’t great enough, the gorgeous location they chose to get married made me realize just how stunning getting married in a Vineyard can be. They chose to tie the knot in a free ceremony, celebrated by Conny and Cristophe’s best friend. Having wonderful weather and Hugo around, it was the perfect backdrop for their casual celebration. After the ceremony, the weather decided to change in all possible directions. The mix of rain and sun was just what we needed to get creative and have many unique photos!

Another thing that blew my mind was the dress code. During the day, I could’t stop wondering how was it possible that all the guests were so well dressed. After a while I understood: they asked in their invitation they they came wearing something in a vintage style. Oh, how I wish I have done that in my wedding! With such thoughtful details, they were able to create an unforgettable destination wedding experience for their 80 guests. From beginning to end, this german french wedding was truly something special!

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