Spring time, flowers, sun shining… This is the dream of most of the brides for their big day! And this is exactly what Conny and Christian had in their wedding day. Although spring came and went away really fast this year here in Germany, we still had those incredible rapeseed fields. And some really nice trees (I am crazy about tress, I have to admit). With a gorgeous sky and a sunny day, we got an amazing and inspiring German Wedding. The venue was a sweet place, that mixed nature and walls of stone, where they would receive their guests for an intimate celebration. There you could also find some creative ideas for the decoration: pigs. Pigs? Exactly!! In the ceremony benches you could find cute lucky pigs to welcome the guests! And that was not the only thing that made everything so cozy there.

To understand more, you have to close your eyes. Imagine your favorite laugh. You feel like smiling, right? The thing is that, some people have a way of laughing that simply makes us happy. And this feeling affect not just us. They bring a sentiment of joy to everyone around. And this is exactly how I felt when I met Conny. Although I could not pronounce correctly her german name “Cornelia” – I am still struggling with the right way to pronounce the “R” like the Germans do – she immediately made me feel comfortable by allowing me to call her “Conny”. And after a couple of minutes, I already felt like we knew each other for much longer. Now imagine how Christian feels?

That’s why it was so sweet to see them when they did the “first look”. The discrete way of  Christian with his loving smile when he saw her… And everything they felt when they realized that the day had come. It was finally the wedding day. So we celebrated! With a little trip around the wedding venue, we made some inspiring portrait shootings until it was time to return. Then, the ceremony started and it was filled with emotions. First of some guests saying a couple of nice words to them, then with the nice vowels. Finally, a dog decided to come by and be also part of it. Of course, he was welcomed with a lot of laugh! And then it was time to enjoy the other plans for the day. Coffee and cake, programs, dancing…

With so many things in one day, it’s hard to tell my favorite part as my day as a wedding photographer in Germany! So why don’t you take a look at the pictures and tell me yours?

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