Girl and boy meet each other in a bus. Twelve years later, lots of stories to tell, shared laughs, amazing trips all around the world. Sounds like a movie right? Wait until you see their gorgeous wedding! From the moment that I saw these two it was clear the connection between them. The kind of connection that only years of relashionship can give you. And to celebrate all that, they planned an incredible wedding in Esslingen. And I have to say… what a good taste!

They were dressed in a very classic and elegant way. In her arm, she had a delicate bracelet where you could read “braut” (bride). In her friend’s arm, you could see the same bracelet written “trauzeuge” (witness). How sweet is that? I love the idea of having something unique to share with your best friend in the wedding day! Of course this is just the beggining, because of course, they shared much more! We started the portrait pictures in this inspiring location close to Göppingen, where there was a lake and a lot of green. Then we moved to a completely different location, Gerber’s BrennBar, to get some other style of shoots. It’s hard to choose my favorite!

After the portrait session, it was finally time to go to the ceremony. Unfortunatelly, the church didn’t allow too many pictures, so I don’t have many photos of it. But it’s ok, since the moments before and after were really exciting already! :) And it got even better when I got to the wedding place, Heubach Gartenbaubetrieb. I was completely amazed by it! It was a greenhouse, with a lot of space and little details… Can you imagine that? They had pictures hanging everywhere in the entrance. A lot of them! Well, there was a lot to tell in twelve years of story… That’s why they also had the idea of putting in every table a picture of them in a different city of the world. So when the guests arrived, they should find which city they where sited at. This was such a creative idea!

It made me really happy to be a wedding photographer in Germany and to share that incredible celebration. But with such an incredible story, how could they celebrate it any differently?

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