Inspiring summer wedding | Brazil

The dispute for the wedding bouquet makes couple smile

When I met Manu, the first thing I learned about her was her practicality. To decide each point of her wedding, she didn’t take so long and showed it is not necessary to spend hours and days to choose good wedding vendors. In a short time she could find a beautiful venue to place her inspiring summer wedding. Then she quickly decided for a minimalist wedding dress and an impressive deko with clouds of flowers hanging on top of the tables. Last, she opted to hold the ceremony during the day, to end in the sunset, so the party could easily go all night long… Can you imagine that? It was not so hard to make really awesome wedding pictures!

The quantity of little kids being part of the ceremony made everything more fun. In fact, reasons to smile was something that we could find all the time in this party. Everyone went to the stage to sing to celebrate the union of the family. Their friends had a good time laughing about the groom that had drinked too much. And most important of all, their love could be easily felt and seen in all moments in the way they looked to each other… When I see a wedding like this I can’t image a perfect way to have a summer wedding!

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